1. All submissions must be in by 9 am ET Sunday October 10th.

2. Projects submitted for a prize:

        Must be no more than 30% starter code

        Must be started and completed during the event 

        Must submit a two minute video demoing your project. If it goes over two minutes, the judge will not watch the remaining time.

        Must be submitted to one of our four main tracks. Add on prizes are optional.

3. If you just want to submit for swag, no need to select a prize category! You may submit anything you created over the weekend, even something you made in a workshop!

4. Beginner Hack is for a team with all people who have never hacked before. This will largely be evaluated based on what you learned, so be sure to talk about that in your video and your DevPost

5. The winners of the four tracks will be asked to present a live demo at closing. Please be ready to demo your work in a live format!


6. You may submit a Figma prototype or slide deck! These will be heavily considered for Best Design or Best Pitch! Version history must still show it was created during the event. You also will still have to submit to one of the main tracks!